Cody uses the Cocoon Experience to tap in faster to his calm center.

Controlling his breath and recuperation is vital to maximizing energy usage and performance.

In the middle of chaos, remaining calm and focused allows Cody not to miss an opportunity to land the winning punch.

“Since integrating TAM using inHarmony, I have exceeded my expectations in and out of the ring. It has literally changed my entire approach to preparing for a fight.”

Cody Crowley

Technology Assisted Meditation - TAM


Regardless if you are a professional athlete, an ameture, or a business pro, the value of integrating meditation into your strategy and plan will produce a calmer more focused you.

Your flow state begins with a centered and balanced brain, which is directly linked to your “brainwave state.”


The Cocoon Experience allows you to choose which brainwave state is best suited for your outcome. Tap into your “Unconscious Competence” where creativity, focus, ability, and skill flow organically from the soul.

Effortless activity is the state of being in the zone and dialed in. Find your flow!

Flow-State & Being In The Zone

“Creating my “flow-state” is based on my ability to drop into a meditative state while I am training and when I am in the ring. Using the Cocoon Experience has helped my nervous system to know what it feels like to be in a deep constant meditative state.

I have trained my body and my mind to remember what’s possible. It’s like muscle-memory for the brain. I am able to accelerate my results by using the Cocoon Experience to evolve my nervous system and tap into my flow-state at will.”

Cody Crowley

Peak Potential may be accessed when an athlete is “in a flow state.”

The mental game, is the “game within the game.”

Training an athlete to reach their flow-state is a discipline that can be learned through the use of meditation.


Controlling the breath using Qi Gong while grounding the metabolism is key to a fast respiratory and energetic recovery.

Professional boxing is amongst the most extreme forms of combat sport known to humanity. Fighters are exposed to intense full body, head, and brain injuries. Concussions from this sport and many others have profound life-long negative effects on active and retired fighters.

Using the Cocoon Experience with its full spectrum experience of synchronized Vibration, Light, and Music on a regular basis can help reduce inflamation throughout the body and help keep the nervous system healthy by providing a soft reset.