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We support our new and existing users through a private and free messaging group on Telegram. When you make your purchase you'll receive an email invite to our private, Telegram User Group. In this group, you can ask questions and share and interact with other inHarmony tech owners and users. We also make announcments, ask for feedback and let you know what's happening at inHarmony Corporate.

Please check your email for a private invite to our inHarmony Telegram User Group. If you do not have your invite, please email us and we will send it: Support@iaminHarmony.com.

Lifetime Access
“inHarmony: Music
Meditations” App

There are over 100 tracks in our app encoded with vibroacoustic frequencies that will optimize your potential through meditation and vibration. Receive our app worth $79.99/year for free with our Sound Lounge.

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Whichever product you just purchased, get ready for amazing vibroacoustic sound therapy sessions. Be prepared for health benefits such as reduction in blood pressure, improved nervous system, reduced stress, and more.

The inHarmony Sound Lounge and Sound Lounge 2 is the most powerful and comfortable vibrational experience. At home or in a clinic, users can experience the world’s best vibro-tactile stimulation and vibroacoustic sound.

The inHarmony Massage Table is the newest addition to the inHarmony family. Your standard massage table just got a major updgrade. Built for any kind of body work, our table features inHarmony technology built right in.

The inHarmony Practitioner and Practitioner 2 is the most versatile and portable vibrational experience. Ideal for bodywork practitioners who wish to enhance their clients’ experience with massage-like sound and vibration.

The inHarmony Meditation Cushion is our most affordable option is perfect for personal use. It guides your mond, body and spirit to the depths of your meditative state.

The inHarmony: Music Meditations App was built to drive the entire experience. Stream or download our Music Mediations right in our app. Listen to and feel the most optimized Vibroacoustic Therapy content whereever you are. Ideal through our relaxation furniture and also usable through headphones or a bluetooth speaker when you do not have your inHarmony technology with you.

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