Experience the "inHarmony: Music Meditations" App

Dive into a diverse collection of contemporary music, crafted with vibroacoustic frequencies to complement your meditation and relaxation practices. Explore over 145 Music Meditations designed to harmonize with our techonology, with durations from 2 minutes to 2 hours. Discover extended versions on our YouTube Channel at no cost.

Explore the synergy of Meditation, Frequency, Vibration, and Technology, crafted to enhance your meditation and mindfulness journey. Embark on an auditory exploration designed to complement your practice of meditation and mindfulness.

$7.99 / month
$79.99 / year

Enjoy a wide array of listening options with your inHarmony relaxation furniture. Our app features Music Meditation Tracks created by Anthony Weiss, designed to uniquely engage with our technology. With over 100 tracks enriched with vibroacoustic frequencies, the app aims to enhance your experience of sound and vibration. Given the resources invested in content creation, the app is offered at $7.99/month or $79.99/year on Google Play and the App Store (not available on PC).

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inHarmony Micro-tonal Media is proud to be working with a collection of the most talented music producers on the planet. Our "Music Meditations" are designed using specific frequencies, engineered to take your body, mind & spirit on a journey.Artists contribute exclusive compositions to our app as well as share their music worldwide. Micro-tonal music is the process of fine-tuning (micro-tuning) musical sounds and instruments to a specific frequency.

Anthony Weiss
Director of Harmonics
inHarmony Interactive

Anthony has been a part of our team since we first launched our app and we're excited for him to take a more prominent role in our app and content growth. He is the composer and producer of our first 10 Solfeggio Tracks in all 4 durations currently available. As our Director of Harmonics Anthony is involved in all aspects of content and music curation.  

inHarmony: Music Meditations Tracks:

- Solfeggio 174, 285, 396, 417, 432, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963.
- 30 hz, 40 hz, 60 hz, 68 hz, 80 hz, 86 hz
- 285 Calm your Mind Open your Heart
- inHarmony Cocoon Experience Tracks


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