JULY, 2023

The Little Things

In our journey through life, we often encounter and appreciate what we call "the little things." These are the seemingly ordinary moments that bring us joy and occur within the eternal now. Imagine the aroma of fresh coffee greeting you at dawn, a mesmerizing array of colors painting the sky, and the gentle cooing of a mourning dove. Feel the breeze as it rustles through a magnolia tree, savor the sweetness of a ripe strawberry, and relish the cool sensation of wet grass beneath your feet. These are just a few examples of the simple pleasures I experienced this very morning all simultaneously! By immersing ourselves in these moments, we can develop a profound sense of awareness—a 4D appreciation of the universe, where we perceive the entirety while still savoring its exquisite subtleties.

For me, this heightened awareness would not have been possible without the help of inHarmony Interactive, their innovative devices, and dedicated co-founder, Craig Goldberg. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed, leading me to this transformative experience.

For the science nerds, listening to a symphony orchestra provides an intriguing analogy. Despite the simultaneous occurrence of various instruments playing a range of frequencies, our ears and brains perform a real-time separation of these frequencies, allowing us to discern the distinct sounds of each instrument. The brain can naturally do what mathematicians call a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) , a concept that allows MRI scanners to pinpoint the precise location of an MRI signal within our bodies.

A recent profound moment occurred during one of my Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) classes at the rehabilitation facility where I work. The theme of the class was "Awareness & Engagement," highlighting how VAT can enhance our ability to fully embrace the present moment, moving from merely knowing to truly being. I tried to convey the difference between intellectually understanding the concept of the present moment and the exhilarating sensation of feeling it in our core—the "it's happening!" experience. I emphasized that approaching life with curiosity, kindness, and gratitude can transform even the smallest things into something similar to a utopia.

I urge you to relish every moment life presents you. As Carly Simon beautifully sang in her song Anticipation, “...and stay right here ‘cause these are the good old days…”
Which days? These days! Today is a good old day…STAY RIGHT HERE!

As I shared this message, I couldn't help but smile, shed a few tears, and allow goosebumps to envelop me. I revealed that I was reliving a previous experience—an intimate glimpse into my soul. In that transformative moment, the room fell silent, and everyone present recognized the profound lesson the universe had just taught us.

When individuals approach the end of their lives, they never express regret over not spending more time at the office. Instead, they often lament not savoring "the little things" more fully. Sunsets, summer nights, the joy of having a puppy, genuine laughter, meaningful conversations, and beautiful music, these are the moments they yearn for. They often literally use the words ‘the little things”. They rarely regret missed opportunities for grand adventures like visiting the Grand Canyon or exploring Paris or never getting to pretend they were an architect😊. This introspective realization affirms that these so-called "little things" are, in fact, monumental—perhaps even galactic in significance. They might be the only things that truly matter.

We are beings who exist in the realm of experience and interaction, forever bound to the present. Just as worry and regret erase the present moment, we can harness this exclusivity to our advantage. By recognizing when we enter the realms of worry or regret, we can learn to “switch into present mode” (STP). With practice, meditation, or regular use of the inHarmony technology, we can make STP a natural state of being. Gentle reminders, such as the colorful painted seashell I keep on my dashboard, can aid in cultivating this mindset.

Personally, I have found that listening to inHarmony’s original compositions or personally meaningful music on the inHarmony meditation furniture, accompanied by sensory stimuli such as lighting, essential oils, colors, weighted blankets and textures, allows me to immerse myself in what I call "4D meditation." It is the complete opposite of sensory deprivation. Months ago, wholly immersed on the inHarmony Sound Lounge, I had another extraordinary 4D experience. I not only created new moments but also re-lived cherished memories simultaneously.

Vibroacoustics provided me with the incredible opportunity to revisit a moment from my childhood—an early Christmas morning in Brooklyn when, as a young boy of 8 or 9, my siblings and I eagerly entered the living room. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a magnificent Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle with a white banana seat, shimmering by the Christmas tree lights! As spectacular a feeling as I think a young boy could ever have short of maybe meeting Mickey Mantle!⚾️🎄I’ve always had a “memory” of that morning, a kind of black & white text version of the event. However, during that Vibroacoustic Therapy session, I fully re-experienced the same emotions. It was as if I had time-traveled back to that magical Christmas morning, more than 50 years ago. It wasn’t a “memory” it was more like the same experience! My once-faint recollection transformed into a vivid, colorful, repeatable experience. I do that regularly now where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, reminiscent of that bicycle under the Christmas tree!

I had a vision of legendary music groups like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd joining forces as a single, monumental supergroup. They approached me seeking a name. While my instinct was to consult Rick Rubin for his wisdom, I knew our choices would align. Ladies and gentlemen, let us celebrate "The Little Things."

Why was the music of that era so extraordinarily special? Because human artisans dedicated countless hours, meticulously attending to "the little things" by hand and ear until perfection was achieved. No matter how many takes it took or how much time it required.

As a final recommendation, I encourage you to explore Rick Rubin's insightful book, "The Creative Act: A Way of Being." Its simple yet profound perspective is a true gem.

Rock Rock on People.

Let's continue grooving with the eternal now!

If you have any questions or ideas for future blogs, I can be reached on the telegram user and affiliate chats as well as through email at john@iaminharmony.com

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John Hill, Affiliate at inHarmony Interactive