The most powerful vibro-tactile & vibro-acoustic technology on the market

Relaxation | Muscle Recovery | Sleep | Weight Loss | Heart Health | Immunity | Detoxification | Anti-aging | Circulation | Reduce Stress & Anxiety

inHarmony Meditation Furniture

Bring inHarmony's relaxing vibraoacoustic cushions and lounges into your wellness rhythm, and experience the benefits of the most effective, tech-assisted meditation technology available. Having our meditation tech in your home or office gives you easy access to a foundational wellness tool you'll love. inHarmony technology is backed by 40+ years of scientific research, backed with our commitment to provide a place of hope, health and happiness. We offer three designs, each with a different posture position to align with the needs of your body. Each product delivers a consistent level of functionality and aesthetics.

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inHarmony Sound Lounge

Soft, Contoured, Ultra-Comfortable Design

Take control of your well-being with inHarmony's premier experience. It's hands down the most powerful on the market. Our sound lounge empowers you to instantly soothe your busy mind and relax your entire body with each vibration. Optimize your health benefits today.

inHarmony Meditation Cushion

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

For rejuvenation and peaceful comfort, position your body onto the meditation cushion with the proven effects of inHarmony's patented tech-assisted meditation technology. This space conscious and portable cushion gives you a highly effective vibroacustic treatment, destresses your mind, and improves meditation. It's comfortable, cost-effective and fun-sized!

inHarmony Practitioner

Add Sound & Vibration Therapy to your Massage Table

Enhance your practice by augmenting a physical experience with Vibration Therapy. Chiropractic, bodywork, massage therapy, kinesiology, acupressure, acupuncture, hypnosis, NLP, holistic healing and addiction recovery can all get a powerful upgrade with our tech.


Your health and wellness are important to you. You want to feel better so you can do more and live fully. We live to help others experience the health transformations we have by bringing our technology to people everywhere. The magic of our patented system of tech-assisted sound and vibration therapies will help you to quickly and comfortably reach a deeply relaxed state.