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While you can listen to anything through your inHarmony Sound Lounge, the Music Meditations in our app are composed by our Director of Content Creation (Anthony Weiss) to activate your Sound Lounge in a very unique way. You'll find over 100 tracks specifically encoded with vibroacoustic frequencies to optimize your potential through sound and vibration. We would love to include this with your purchase, but apps and content creation is expensive. We invest daily into the success of our app. Download our app for $79.99/year ($7.99/month).

Once you make your purchase, join us on Telegram (you'll get an invite post purchase) for the latest updates.

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APP Store

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Access to Private Telegram User Group

Access to Private Telegram User Group

We support our new and existing users through a private and free messaging group on Telegram. When you make your purchase you'll receive an email invite to our private, Telegram User Group. In this group, you can ask questions, share and interact with other inHarmony tech owners and users. We also make announcements, ask for feedback and let you know what's happening at inHarmony Corporate.

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