Experience the inHarmony Extended
Music Meditations

11+ Hour versions of our inHarmony Music Meditations on our YouTube Channel for FREE.

Listening to music and feeling the frequencies through a speaker system or headphones

helps to guide the mind, body and spirit into a deeply relaxing state.



Extended Music Meditations to harmonize your experience at home and beyond.


Play these extended Music Meditations to while you work, relax, sleep and enjoy life.

inHarmony Micro-tonal Media is proud to be working with a collection of the most talented music producers on the planet. Our "Music Meditations" are designed using specific frequencies, engineered to take your body, mind & spirit on a journey.Artists contribute exclusive compositions to our app as well as share their music worldwide.
Micro-tonal music is the process of fine-tuning (micro-tuning) musical sounds and instruments to a specific frequency.

Meet Anthony Weiss aka "HOHM"
Director of Harmonics

Anthony has been a part of our team since we first launched our app and we're excited for him to take a more prominent role in our app and content growth. He is the composer and producer of our first 10 Solfeggio Tracks in all 4 durations currently available. As our Director of Harmonics Anthony is involved in all aspects of content and music curation.  

inHarmony: Music Meditations Tracks:

- Solfeggio 174, 285, 396, 417, 432, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963.
- 30 hz, 40 hz, 60 hz, 68 hz, 80 hz, 86 hz
- 285 Calm your Mind Open your Heart
- inHarmony Cocoon Experience Tracks

Anthony Weiss
Director of Harmonics
inHarmony Interactive