We are the inHarmony Sound Lounge

The inHarmony Sound Lounge is the most powerful and comfortable vibrational experience available. Whether at home or in a clinic, you can experience the world’s best vibro-tactile stimulation and vibro-acoustic sound for physical and emotional healing.


The inHarmony Sound Lounge instantly soothes your busy mind and relaxes your entire body by using a combination of sound and vibration frequencies. Inside the inHarmony Sound Lounge, there are four tactile transducers and two amplifiers. When used in conjunction with concert quality headphones and cables, you will receive powerful sound to your ears and body, making you feel amazing!


Using sound for healing has been an integral theme throughout time. Early teachings in the Pythagorean Mystery Schools used sound for the purpose of healing. In more modern times, early pioneers in this area of vibro-acoustics recognized the importance of low-level frequency and vibration as a modality for healing many chronic health conditions and reducing stress and anxiety.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use the inHarmony Sound Lounge

  1. Relaxation: Low-frequency sound waves and vibrations work to stimulate the body's natural relaxation response
  2. Stress relief: The calming sounds and music can help reduce stress and anxiety. This helps your body activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enter a state of calm
  3. Expanded Consciousness: Help you increase focus and concentrate on your work or studies. Feel inspired and enhance your creativity
  4. Emotional Balancing: Help improve your mood, balance biorhythms, and overall well-being
  5. Physical Benefits: stabilize blood pressure, reduce pain, reduce anxiety, increase circulation, and enjoy a better regulated limbic system

Download the inharmony APP

When you download the "inHarmony: Music Meditations" App, you’re able to immerse yourself in a wellspring of music encoded with vibroacoustic frequencies.

You can download this from the iTunes or Google Play app stores. The app includes over 200 custom-made tracks to activate the technology. The music is available in lengths of 11 minutes, 22 minutes, 33 minutes, and 66 minutes.

In Summary

You can expect both physical and emotional balancing, relaxation, and detox when using the inHarmony Sound Lounge. This immersive and therapeutic experience creates deep relaxation and inner peace, which is an ideal environment for meditation and visualization.

Are you ready to make a commitment to your healing journey?

Do you want to help your clients on their journey?

The inHarmony Sound Lounge is here for you to help build a consistent routine that your mind, body, and spirit are craving!

For $5,678 you can get your inHarmony Sound Lounge with 30 day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty. Purchase online today.