Hi, we’re Dominic Carnevale and Craig
Goldberg, the creators of inHarmony.

Hi, we’re Dominic
Carnevale and Craig
Goldberg, the creators
of inHarmony.

inHarmony was born out of Dominic’s quest to live a much richer life; physically, mentally and spiritually. 10 years ago, Dom found himself in a life which simply wasn’t healthy. Working 12-15 hours a day, he self-medicated with alcohol and was involved in a variety of unhealthy relationships.

Dom felt the call to find a better way. He became a student of mindfulness and enrolled in the University of Santa Monica, where he earned a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Over time, he saw massive transformations in his life, his work, and his relationships. It was a journey which revealed to Dom the important parts of life and self.

Dom and Craig met through mutual friends back in 2012. Their relationship grew personally and professionally through several business partnerships and shared opportunities. Friends first and they have shared more than a few good times together before officially partnering up with inHarmony in November of 2016. Craig had been on his own health and wellness journey for 5 year leading into their inHarmony partnership.

Craig’s story is an interesting one, as he tells it: “About 10 years ago my wife began showing signs of illness. Doctor after Doctor, Specialist after Specialist, no one could tell us what was wrong. I cannot even tell you how many tests and appointments we had. All to say, they did not know what was going on. In the end, it was gluten. A pesky little ingredient we now know so much about. 3 days without gluten and all her symptoms went away. It was miraculous!

This lead to a deep dive into the body and how it operates. This research paved the way for me to better understand the mind-body connection and the spiritual connection we all have through mindfulness and meditation.

I was a terrible meditator. I was always looking for ways to hack meditation. I wanted the shortcut and I knew there was a way to shorten the learning curve. At the time Ipek and I were traveling the festival circuit. Selling my wife’s jewelry and teaching about the efficacy of essential oils. At each event, I would seek out the sound healers and sound baths. I found solace in these beautiful instruments and powerful experiences. In November of 2016 I had my first Sound Lounge experience and it forever changed my life.

Since then, Dom and I have been working together, supporting one another and building a beautiful community of like-minded, exceptional human beings, on a quest for optimal human performance. It hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows, and we're having fun doing it; touching hearts and making a difference.

We've been blessed to find you on our journey and we hope we have had a positive impact on your life.” - Craig Goldberg

Dom and Craig love what we do here at inHarmony Interactive and inHarmony Media. We’re passionate entrepreneurs on a quest to improve the human condition and share the benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy and Vibration Therapy with the world.

Become an Affiliate

Let's Share the Benefits of Vibroacoustics Together

When you find something that helps you feel good, you feel compelled to share it with others so they can benefit, too. If you’re a doctor, wellness expert, spa owner, Instagrammer or simply an inHarmony fan, you can partner with us in our mission to improve the human condition and share the benefits of vibroacoustic and vibration therapy with the world.. And in exchange, you can get perks and commissions through your referrals.

Let's Help Each Other Share the Vibrations

From the beginning, our success has been woven with the success of our friends and partners who share our passion for wellness. We’ve been blessed to support and partner with other leaders in the natural wellness space. We’ve helped to grow their brands and businesses and they’ve helped us. It’s always been a win-win. Benefits of being an inHarmony partner include competitive commission rates, offer discounted pricing, marketing and campaign support, performance visibility through a user-friendly referral platform, unique tracking codes, and more.

Affiliate Program Overview

You'll find everything you need to know about becoming an inHarmony Affiliate on this page. If you have additional questions, feel free to send us an email at support@iaminHarmony.com or call Co-Founder, Craig at 888-276-8040 x. 104.

Join our growing family of amazing humans excited to share our technology, App and Music Meditations with their family, friends, clients or community. In exchange for your efforts and participation, we'll happily compensate you for your referral. When your referral uses your dicount code or referal link, you'll get paid.

Send Referrals

Customer Referral

If you’re an inHarmony customer, you can receive $100 credit to use towards purchase of inHarmony Branded Merchandise on our website when you refer a friend who purchases a Sound Lounge, Practitioner, or Meditation Cushion. Simply have your referral mention your name to the inHarmony specialist at time of purchase.

Business Referral

If you use inHarmony meditation furniture at your massage studio, wellness spa, fitness center or other business, you can receive 5% off all your purchases, plus 15% cash of the sale for every new customer you refer to inHarmony.


Personal Referral

If you use inHarmony meditation furniture at home and are ready to be an influencer and advocate for inHarmony then let's get you some benefits too. As an affiliate, you receive 5% off all your inHarmony purchases, plus 15% cash from the sale for every new customer you refer to inHarmony.

Be Inspired

Affiliate Requirements

Execute and be familiar with the current Affiliate Agreement Program Terms.

Stay current with latest inHarmony news

Regularly participate in our Telegram Affiliates Group.

Join when you can on our weekly Tuesday 5p PST Live on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Watch and review inHarmony's YouTube materials.

Subscribe to inHarmony's YouTube Channel.

Like and follow our inHarmony Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram pages.


  • Affiliates have Access
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner Certification Courses.

The ability to recruit, train, and build your own team anywhere in the world.

  • Referral Codes and links to passively track your digital traffic.

Complimentary Marketing Resources: Logos, templates, images & training on how to use them.

Flyer, Pop up Banners, Stickers, etc. available for purchase on the Marketing Resources page.

Weekly Trainings Live and Recorded as well as a Monthly Affiliates Meeting hosted on Zoom.

Science and research information about our growing industry.

Affiliate Community

The field of Vibroacoustic is growing and you can be on the forefront of that growth. Be a catalyst in your community and represent a cutting edge technology. We've created a business opportunity and compensation plan which rewards the time and energy put into learning about our technology and shareing experiences with your community.

A community of like minded, beautiful people engaged in your success and the proliferation of our technology across the globe.

Affiliate Teamwork

We encourage you to work together with the team instead of in competition with them.

Please take the time to review our plan and learn how you can achieve your own personal goals through inHarmony Interactive.

Navigate through our website and feel free to click on any of the links in order to learn more about our company, products, services and opportunity that are going to help you positively shape your future.

We look forward to collaborate with you. Thank you for being here.

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