‘Till the Last Note Ends… A Vibroacoustic Playlist

There are a plethora of songs, bands, and genres of music that you're familiar with but for one reason or another you don’t care for. What if I told you that listening to this music on inHarmony meditation furniture might completely change your opinion of that music?


The unique emotional immersive experience caused by the combination of the music and vibrations can have a remarkable impact on you, and it's something I witness every day.


This immediate newfound mindfulness experienced through the music can easily be expanded to all senses and areas of your life. As Crosby, Stills and Nash sing on Wooden Ships.. ”Easy...you know the way it’s supposed to be..” (that song will be added to the playlist soon as it is sensational on the inHarmony meditation furniture).


My name is John Hill. I am currently employed as a Vibroacoustic Therapist at a drug/alcohol/mental health rehab facility in Crescent City, Florida that has 2 inHarmony Sound Lounges (I also own my own inHarmony Sound Lounge at home). I have been doing VAT sessions for clients for well over 3 years now and it has changed my life in a profound way. Before becoming a Vibroacoustic Therapist I was an MRI Service Engineer for 30 years for GE Healthcare. It’s amazing how my passion and professional expertise have come together so beautifully.


In order to get the best experience during a session on the inHarmony technology, the source material needs to be of the utmost quality. Why do you think the best available source material to meditate, relax, transcend and change your life is by far the inHarmony Music & Meditation app? Well it’s the quality, it’s created by talented, dedicated beautiful humans with a passion for what they do for one & just as important it is created with state of the art equipment by musicians and engineers with meticulous attention to detail and production quality with a thorough knowledge of vibroacoustic therapy and its effects on the mind and body. It is also always music that is beautifully composed and harmoniously tuned.


Did you know you can also listen to any music through inHarmony technology?


I have always been an avid music fan. From the first JBL powered subwoofer I bought back in the 70s, through the 500 concerts I’ve been to, the cassette tapes , 8 tracks, vinyl records, CDs, Laser disks, DVDs, SuperAudio CDs, DVD-AUDIO, Blue-Ray disks etc. etc., I’ve been on a quest to improve the audio quality and EXPERIENCE of listening to music. Then came the inHarmony Sound Lounge and it was totally different. It has changed the way I listen to music both while on the technology, yet curiously also while off the technology as well. VAT changed me from the inside out where it not only creates an exhilarating immersive physical sound field, but also lets you feel the essence of the music deeper due to the tactile stimulation. It really changes how you listen to music and puts you into a newfound state of mind. I like to call it A&E, or awareness & engagement. You are 100% aware of how amazing the music feels and sounds. It allows you to notice pieces of the music you have never heard before. The Wall, for example, by Pink Floyd is not a remixed or remastered album, yet I hear new things on it each time I listen to it. Musicians, artists, and sports players call this a “flow state”. I call it Music Meditation!


That’s where this playlist comes in. The playlist is named “‘till the last note ends…” because after experiencing music on the inHarmony technology, I now listen to most songs until the last chord rings out, or the last drum beat or until “the last note ends.” This is the way an artist intended the song to be listened to and it becomes the way you want to hear the songs. This paradigm shift makes you realize how the inHarmony meditation furniture keeps you in the present moment and that the song isn’t over until it’s over. You become a “willing participant” when the music and vibrations ignite a mysterious emotional connection in your body and soul.


This playlist is not a list of my favorite songs, rather it is a list of songs that I usually pick from to play the first familiar song for a client at the end of their first session. Kind of like a joyful parting gift!. As Don McLean sings in American Pie, ”I can still remember how that music used to make me smile” and these songs tend to do that. There are many reasons for these songs but mainly they have shown hundreds and hundreds of times as being able to elicit a true sense of euphoria, an emotional connection and an almost instantaneous mood change for the clients.


The first 10 songs have been added to the playlist and we will be adding more tracks each week with a brief description as we move along this journey together. My list of songs to use on vibroacoustic technology has evolved over the last few years, but these first 10 that are included on the playlist seem to always rise to the top. I just used a song from this list on one of my clients yesterday, who was slightly reluctant to try it but knew the song through her father and said sure.


Once the song was over, she was grinning ear to ear, yelled out “ that was AWESOME!” It is the music that triggers these responses, I’m sure of it, I’ve seen it thousands of times and it is such a wonderful experience to witness. When playing songs like these it is important to make sure the queue is empty so that after the song ends the client has time to let it soak in. I also recommend when utilizing songs people know, to make the music louder and stronger so they can truly feel every vibration and note.


As I mentioned, vibroacoustic therapy allows you to reintroduce music that you previously thought you disliked. Since 1988, I had never liked the song Every Rose has Its Thorn by Poison. A year ago I played it while on the inHarmony Sound Lounge and was blown away. The lead guitarist’s solos were spectacular in ways I had never noticed before, and it is now one of my go to songs. There are hundreds of other songs like this that I never used to listen to that I now love and play for myself and clients all the time. Listening to music through an inHarmony Sound Lounge strips away your ego & resistance and places you on a magic carpet ride!!


I can be reached on the telegram user and affiliate chats as well as through email at john@iaminharmony.com if you have any questions or comments or ideas for future blogs.


Rock on people!


Link to Spotify Playlist