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***The BrainTap Headset ships separately from the inHarmony Practitioner***
*BrainTap is IN STOCK, we are a reseller and ship direct from their warehouse. We will email you a tracking number as we have it.
**inHarmony Practitioner is IN STOCK, ships in 2 business days.
***Your Practitioner will ship right away, app access granted right away and your BrainTap headset will arrive as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.
****Your phone connects through a 3.5mm adapter, please make sure you have a converter or dongle if your phone requires one.

Welcome to "The Cocoon Experience". This modality combines the technologies of inHarmony & BrainTap.

Learn about "The Cocoon Experience" here:

The Cocoon Experience on iaminHarmony.com

Learn about the inHarmony Practitioner here:

inHarmony Practitioner on iaminHarmony.com

Learn about the BrainTap headset here:

BrainTap Headset on iaminHarmony.com

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