What is Vibroacoustics?

Using sound for healing has been an integral theme throughout time. Early teachings in the Pythagorean Mystery Schools, used sound for the purpose of healing. In more modern times, early pioneers in this area of Vibroacustics, recognized the importance of low level frequency and vibration as a modality for healing. The first modern day pioneer in the study of Vibroacoustics was Olav Skille, a Norwegian educator and therapist, who experimented with low frequency sounds between 20—120 hz for the treatment of a variety of different chronic conditions affecting kids. He invented the first Vibroacoustic Chair in the late 1980s.

There have been many other industry leaders over the last 40+ years experimenting with sound, and vibration for a variety of applications. The effects of vibration and sacred geometry has been theorized to be used in ancient Egyptian times to move massive slabs of stone to create the great pyramids. Today, military and law enforcement use high pitch discordant sound as a non-lethal, non-invasive way to break up mobs and potentially hostile crowds.

Vibroacoustics by definition is the study of vibration and sound combined to influence physiology, most commonly humans, yet this same principle can be applied to all living creatures; animals and plants as well. Most of the current research discusses the effect of specific frequencies as they relate to specific conditions, yet little research has been conducted on the effects of vibration on the body. Holistic Health Science intends to change this. With our team of growing Visionaries and Sound Lounge owners, we will be launching our own research. It's an exciting time.

This is an industry in its infancy, yet it is rooted in ancient principles of physics and healing.