Setting Up Your inHarmony Practitioner 1 & 2

Below you will find everything you need to setup your Practitioner 1 & 2.
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Practitioner 2
Video Tutorials

Unboxing: inH Practitioner 2

How to Setup: inH Practitioner 2

Practitioner 1
Set Up Video Tutorials

How to Setup your inHarmony Practitioner - New Amp
as of 2/1/2022

How to Set up your inHarmony Practitioner - Older Amp
Before 2/1/2022

inHarmony Practitioner Wiring Instructions for Older Amp
Before 2/1/2022

How to Fold your inHarmony Practitioner

Best Practices Video Tutorials

How to dial in the settings for your inHarmony Practitioner

inHarmony Music Meditations App Best Practices

inHarmony Music Meditations App Best Practices

Access our Private Telegram User Group

We support our new and existing users through a private and free messaging group on Telegram. When you make your purchase you received an email invite to our private, Telegram User Group. If you haven't received it or cannot find it, please email us for access.

In this group, you can ask questions and share and interact with other inHarmony tech owners and users. We also make announcments, ask for feedback and let you know what's happening at inHarmony Corporate.