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5 Tips for Getting Started with Meditation

Meditation may help boost your health, improve your mood, and increase feelings of connection with those around you.

Reduce Stress During the Holiday Season

To support our customers with their meditation practice during the holiday season we created the inHarmony 25 days of Mindfulness:

Coming Soon: Meditation Helps with a Busy Lifestyle

Check back soon for the inHarmony blog that will help you heal from the trauma of living a busy and stressful lifestyle.

The Positive
Impact of Sound on the Body

What we consider “sound” is actually vibrations in the air or water. These vibrations create waves which are then perceived by our auditory receptors & various mechanoreceptors in the skin.

Introduction to Vibroacoustic

Every particle in the universe vibrates, as everything in the universe is made of energy. These vibrations occur at different frequencies, meaning that there are distinct “vibes” to different people, places, and things.

Patent Granted by USPTO for Tech-Assisted Meditation

This patent is part of inHarmony's tech-assisted devices portfolio, which includes the "inHarmony Meditation Cushion," "inHarmony Sound Lounge" and the "inHarmony Practitioner."Text

3 Ways To Improve Your Meditation Practice Today

If you were perfect at focusing your thoughts, there would be no reason to continue improving your meditation practice. In reality, meditation is important because so few people have ultimate power over their minds.

How a Little Bit of Mindfulness Can Impact Your Day

Do you often struggle with stress or feel like you’re stuck in the same old patterns that lower your quality of life? Are you sick of the negative thoughts and worries that run through your head on a daily basis? Mindfulness might be just the thing to help.

How Mechanoreceptors Work as Sensory Receptors

Mechanoreceptors are a big component behind the brain and body being able to perceive touch. Mechanoreceptors are sensory receptors in the skin. They relay skin stimulation to the nervous system and brain through mechanically gated ion channels.

Tech-Assisted Meditation Explained

Mindfulness and meditation have been growing in popularity over the last several years and the practice is attracting more and more interest. This is no surprise, considering the benefits that come with it.

The Effects of Sound on the Pineal Gland

Have you ever heard of pineal gland activation through sound? You’re not alone. Many people hear about sound therapy for pineal gland health and think about trying it for themselves.

The Healing Power of Energy Vibration

Everything in the universe is made of energy. This means all matter is constantly in motion and is vibrating at its own unique frequency, including the objects around us, our own bodies, and the Earth itself.